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100% - 4 MCMMO Credits

MCMMO Credits can be used with /redeem to level up your skills. Each credit counts for one full level, regardless of EXP requirements.

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8% - Entropy Shard [Luck]

Entropy Shards are incredibly valuable items which can be used to craft MythicDrops items of the highest tier, was well as advanced scrolls.

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12% - Repair Gem [Luck]

Repair gems can be used to repair any item to 100% durability, without disrupting it's name, enchants, etc.

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12% - Soul Gem [Luck]

Soul gems can be used for various high-level jobs crafting recipes, as well as in /soul, to teleport back to your death point.

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12% - Deus Codex [Luck]

Deus Codoxes are used to identify Unidentified Items, giving them a name, tier, etc.

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5% - Tagger [Luck]

Taggers add your name to an item's flavour text, as well as in its name, allowing you to personalize your loot.

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